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Upload projects, view milestones, and get notified about your project, all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

The community-driven design management tool.

John P.
John P.Homeowner
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"Just signed up for the waitlist. Very excited for a tool to help me manage my reno!"
Peter D.
Peter D.Architect
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"I estimate Jita could save me 25-30% of 'busy-work', freeing me up to get more clients and make my existing customers a LOT happier!"
Daniella G.
Daniella G.Homeowner
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"I just bought my new house and I can't wait to make it mine! I want to collaborate with the designer and contractors. I feel like Jita could make the process easier."
Olivia Y.
Olivia Y.Project Manager
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"I have yet to find a good enough project management tool for architects, construction and property owners. I feel like Jita could be the one!"
Teddy M.
Teddy M.Contractor
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"Seeing the client happy makes me happy! I have a good feeling about Jita. It'll keep the client informed and everyone in checked with adding more work."

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